Albuquerque Affordable Dentures

When it comes to creating quality smiles for our patients with the help of implant supported overdentures, our team at ABQ Dentures strives for excellence. We want our patients to have a confident smile that is comfortable and gives them the quality of life they deserve. Our denture practice offers affordable fixed denture options for our patients in a comfortable, friendly environment at our office in Albuquerque.

Our dentists, Dr. Norby and Dr. Roukema, specialize in creating beautiful dentures for our patients, including implant supported overdentures. While we offer traditional dentures, these advanced options can achieve a higher level of functionality and comfort for our patients. Plus, there are variables in cost and convenience with our snap on dentures. This allows us to offer our patients an option that will best fit their budget and lifestyle.

Same Day Affordable Dentures

You don’t need to wait for months to enjoy your new smile when you come to ABQ Dentures for your implant supported overdentures. We offer same day affordable dentures to avoid living without your teeth for even a day. While adjustments will be needed once the implants heal, or permanent dentures may follow, we do offer same day implants and overdentures at our office.

What makes us different from the many other dental offices that offer dentures? At ABQ Dentures, we focus only on dentures and implant supported overdentures. This is our specialty, giving you access to the best options available. We provide a relaxing, comfortable environment with many amenities, a friendly staff and financing options for your budget. Whether you are upgrading from traditional dentures or getting your first set, you will be treated like a VIP when you come to us to restore your smile.

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of implant supported overdentures, call our office to schedule your consultation. We have many affordable dentures and same day options to fit your needs.

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