When are Overdentures the Right Choice?

Are you weighing the options for restoring your smile with dentures? There are so many different options available now for dentures, including varieties of implant supported overdentures. If you are looking at the advantages and disadvantages of overdentures compared to traditional dentures to make your choice, you will quickly see that overdentures outweigh their predecessors in advantages. At ABQ Dentures, we want you to make the right choice when it comes to restoring your smile. For many of our patients, that choice is overdentures.

Quite simply, overdentures feel, function and look more like natural teeth than traditional dentures. There is nothing wrong with traditional dentures, and they serve many of our patients well. However, overdentures offer a higher level of quality. They are more stable, which helps with comfort and confidence for the wearer. Plus, the function is better, helping you to enjoy and retrieve more nutritional value from your meals. All in all, overdentures are always a better choice for the health and well-being of our patients.

Affordable Snap In Dentures

The only drawback to overdentures is that they are a bigger investment than many traditional dentures. However, at ABQ Dentures, we believe it is worthwhile for our patients when they consider the benefits. We understand that budget can be a concern, but there are options to make sure your dentures are affordable. Our office accepts insurance, which can pay for a large portion of your procedure and new dentures. Plus, we offer payment plans and financing options to spread the cost over several months to help meet your budget needs.

You deserve a smile that you love and one that makes you feel confident. Find out more about our affordable overdenture options at ABQ Dentures. Schedule your consultation with us today.

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