Who Is a Good Candidate for Overdentures?

Are you wondering if you could be a good candidate for overdentures? If you have traditional dentures now or are considering dentures for the first time, you may wonder what you need to qualify for implant supported overdentures. At ABQ Dentures, we have helped many of our patients upgrade to overdentures from traditional dentures or get their smile restored with fixed dentures. We have helped even those that thought they were not good candidates for these advanced denture options.

As far as preference, most people would choose overdentures over traditional dentures. They offer a higher level of comfort, stability and confidence for the wearer. Anyone who wants a restored smile that is closer to their natural teeth will want to consider overdentures versus traditional dentures. Those who have dentures that are loose or have significant bone loss in the jaw are excellent candidates for overdentures.

However, some people have been told in the past they were not good candidate for overdentures. They may have heard information that would make them believe they would not be able to get this option. In many cases, this information is no longer true. There are fewer limitations to our scope of patients that can use overdentures for their smile restorations.

Qualifying for Overdentures

The fact is, most people can now be good candidates for overdentures. In the past, there were limitations on who could receive the implants necessary for fixed dentures. However, advanced medical and dental technology have made it possible for most people to qualify for overdentures. Even if you were told at some point that implant supported overdentures were not possible, they now may be an option.

Come in for a consultation and examination at ABQ Dentures. You may be happily surprised that you are now a good candidate to improve the comfort and stability of your smile with overdentures. We have affordable and same day options available to help you get the new smile you deserve.

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