Why Choose Overdentures?

What is the difference between traditional dentures and overdentures? While both will restore your smile and give you the ability to speak and eat again with ease, there are benefits to choosing overdentures for restoring your smile. Overdentures offer a higher level of security and stability for your dentures. This can translate to a higher quality of life. At ABQ Dentures, we offer quality, affordable overdentures for our patients that want to experience these benefits.

Benefits of Overdentures

Implant supported overdentures are popular due to the stability and comfort they offer. Also referred to as snap on dentures, snap in dentures or fixed dentures, they attach to implants that are in your jaw bone to help keep them in place. Compared to traditional dentures, they offer a much better fit and better stability for our patients. Some of the benefits of overdentures over traditional dentures include:

  • No adhesives. Not needing adhesives to hold dentures in place is one of the many reasons to choose overdentures.
  • Enhanced comfort. Overdentures are more comfortable and take less time for you to adjust. While it can take a few months to become adjusted to wearing traditional dentures, implant supported overdentures allow our patients to easily and quickly achieve a high comfort level.
  • Confidence. One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional dentures is that they can slip or come out unexpectedly when eating, laughing, talking or sneezing. Overdentures give you the confidence to enjoy your social life without worrying about being embarrassed by your dentures.

It comes down to a higher level of comfort and confidence when you choose overdentures to restore your smile. While traditional dentures can serve you well, overdentures that are supported by implants give you a better experience with less worry or discomfort. To learn more about the advantages of our affordable overdentures, schedule a consultation at ABQ Dentures.

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